Wednesday, May 13, 2009

get your college gear fix

remember my super hot UGA hoodie (if not, scroll down a little). well, your favorite deal-finder wants to help you get one of your own...or one for another, inferior SEC school should you do choose ;) i kid...but for real, Victoria's Secret PINK has 35 schools in their collegiate collection, and there stuff is so fun!

so, want $10 off anything in the collection? i thought you might!

go HERE. when you check out, enter the code 10PINK. enjoy your goodies!

i'm contemplating this.
i kid you not, the website has a disclaimer about this shirt. Tee is brighter than shown in photo.

should i want it less because of that, or more??


Southern Starlet said...

I vote more. That shirt is terrific! And thanks for entering my giveaway! :)

Melia said...

I think it should make you want it more ;) Soo cute!!