Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LOVE a good deal

so this is my gorgeous little sister/MOH modeling the dress my bridesmaids will be wearing for the wedding. pretty, and classic, no?

and originally, i told them they could wear whatever shoes they wanted.

NOY ANYMORE ::cue evil laugh::

they will be rocking these lime green beauties on the day of....at least for the ceremony and pictures. i'll be getting them flip-flops for the reception....maybe with some rhinestone embellishment for a little bling =)

the best part? 4 pairs....$58!!!!

i am in love =)

check out Go Jane if you want some of your own....they come in lots of other colors =)


Ashley Pizarro said...

I recently got married too and I just wanted to let you know that your dresses and shoes are AMAZING!! They are gonna be rockin' it at your wedding! Good choice!

Monroe Dawson said...

Those dresses are awesome! I got married only 2-1/2 years ago, but it was in November so we had long dresses. So are you having an all black and white wedding?

Deals, Steals & Heels said...

not all black and white, our main colors were originally pewter grey and lime green, then i fell in love with these dresses! so we have green and grey and black & white damask....

Monroe Dawson said...

That sounds awesome! Good luck! :O)

Jules said...

I love those shoes. Too cute! I also just found your blog and love it.