Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sometimes, the universe just teaches you a lesson....with a big stick

sometimes, everything starts all hunky-dory, and you have every intention of playing a little photo-a-day game with your phone and your blog.

and then a few days go by and you realize the universe has several lessons for you like:

1. staying up drinking until 4am on a friday means you will spend ALL day saturday napping on the couch.

2. i am NOT 22 anymore. 28 1/2 makes it a lot harder to recover.

3. appaently, crashing all day saturday, and then having to work 4 hours at a wing joint ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY means your immune system is slightly compromised.


5. once you get a few days behind on a photo challenge....catching up is hard.

sooooo....it probably won't happen. whoops.

BUT i do have one photo to show you....cuz it's awesome.

 my nook is so happy in its new pretty little case! plus...IT HAS BUTTONS. which makes me love it even more. especially since i did it all myself =)

maybe i'll crochet myself a little sudafed holder if this sinus issue does not resolve itself asap.


Claire Kiefer said...

I'm so impressed that you crocheted your own nook case! I was never able to catch onto crocheting, and the only thing I can knit is a straight up scarf. ha. Hope you feel better soon!

bananas. said...

28 1/2...pshhha! try being 30 in a week. yea...then we'll talk! ;)

speaking of turning 30, i don't have nook but i could put that nifty crocheted case to good use if you want to make me one. just sayin...


i kid, i kid.

hope you feel better love.

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