Friday, February 17, 2012

apparently i want to be a human highlighter.

you'd think if i could pick any marker in the spectrum, i'd totally want to be the bright pink one, right? yeah....i'd have figured so too. but apparently, pink is so 2009 hayley.

because apparently 2012 hayley wants to burn out your retinas with a searing yellow shade. ALL OVER MYSELF. (but not in a creepy weirdo fetish way. in a fashion way. muuuuuuuch different.)

oh how i wish i could make this beauty mine. cuz my boy marc jacobs does SO many things right. and this neon bag is one of them.  but for $500....i could do a LOT of damage at target for the price of this little pretty.

like this bad boy, for a whopping $25. from target. OF COURSE.

but is a neon yellow bag a little TOO impractical, even for this colored purse loving girl?? maybe....just maybe.

and my most favoritest of all

oh old navy...why do you do me SO right? cuz this dress....this dress is sick. it's also much more obnoxious in the best possible way in person. easily dressed down with boots or flat sandals. easily dressed up with some blinging jewelry and a fancy pair of heels.

and yes...OF COURSE i bought it on sale. and no, i do NOT intend to prance around my house in it because i currently love it more than all my other clothes.

probably not at least.


Nat said...

LOVE that neon marc jacobs bag!! I tried that dress on at old navy but it just didn't look right on me- I'm glad it works for you!

Gracie Beth said...

I love neon things!