Wednesday, February 29, 2012

seriously...i might actually burn out my own retinas.

remember 12 days ago, when i expressed my deep and abiding love for all things neon yellow?

yep, i'm still not over it.

because i clearly need this obnoxious bag in my life as soon as possible. and yes, i have totally contemplated the pink too...but the yellow? she calls to me with her bright-ass siren song.

oh you thought that was it? that i simply HAD to share my newfound love for a $35 clutch? ought to know me better by now.

because OF COURSE i also want to get my DIY on. because this neon studded clutch? TO FREAKING DIE FOR. gives me a reason to finally buy that fluorescent pink spray paint i've been threatening the hubs with for YEARS. ::cue maniacal laugh::

so...who's gonna help me find some super sweet granny sunglasses when i blind myself with my own wardrobe?

did i mention i bought hot orange pants on monday? no? okay good...maybe you won't think i'm TOTALLY insane yet....maybe.

1 comment:

Mands said...

Orange pants? That's right up my alley! Where'd you get them?