Monday, July 13, 2009

SUPER cheap magazine!

so, apparently amazon has a one-year subscription to real simple....for FIVE DOLLARS.

i've never even read this magazine, but for five bucks i'm totally getting it!!!

want yours?


mmm, fashion them. get too many....still want more.
CLICK HERE for marie claire....$10 people! for TWO years!! that's less than 50 cents an issue.

yeah...i'm a mag whore and want this too.
yummy recipes. and less than $2 each, at $15 for a year.....

CLICK HERE for this one!!


Tashahart said...

REAL SIMPLE, is an awesome mag, always different thinsg to learn and save and even cook !

Ashley said...

Wow! Just subscribed to Real Simple. Thanks for letting me know about that amazing deal!! I love that magazine.

Happiness Is... said...

Real Simple is a really fun magazine to get - you'll enjoy it!

Kristin said...

Real Simple for 5 bucks? That's crazy talk. I love that mag for decor inspiration!