Wednesday, July 29, 2009

another outfit issue

so, according to my ever-present igoogle countdown....i have 80 days until the wedding. which means 79 days from tonight...i'll be done with my rehearsal, and hanging out with my friends and family at my rehearsal dinner.

except i have NO CLUE what i'm gonna wear!!

i can't decide between two options.
#1....a bright pink/magenta dress (not necessarily this one, but it's an option). this logically makes the most sense, i can wear it again for a friend's wedding functions next year. and it's me. and it's pink. and you know i love pink.

#2. the short white dress (again, not necessarily this one). it's my rehearsal...and wedding weekend is the one time i can totally get away with rocking white 2 days in a row, in october. it feels so bridal...and seeing as how we'll have been engaged 19 months by the time we get married....i'm digging the bridal idea too.

what did you wear? what would you do? white? pink? neither?

decisions are hard.

so what do you


Meredith said...

hi there. i'm a new follower!!

you could totally wear white and maybe some fabulous pink shoes! just a way to combine the two. happy dress hunting.

Amy Lynn said...

Hmmm, I love them both, but I'm thinkin' white. Do a little bridal braggin' by flauntin' the WHITE!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I say WHITE! Like you siad, it' really the only time you can get away with it! You can still wear the white dress again...just maybe not to another wedding.

Danielle said...

I'd do the white for the rehearsal night, but use the pink for another wedding, party, etc. They're both great!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

I liked my dress, but now Im stuck with a white dress that I cant wear anywhere else.

Queenie said...

I'd go with the pink, Hayles. I wore champagne to my rehearsal a little over a year ago and so far I've worn it to two formal dinners and a wedding. Definitely more bang for your buck. AND it would look supa hawt with your wedding day shoes for events after the wedding!!!

Ashley B said...

Definitely go with the white dress. It's the only time in your life that you'll ever really get to wear that much white!

Ellie said...

You can't go wrong either way. I wore a white linen dress with black embroidery - it was perfect for our picnic-style bbq RD. I think you're going to totally rock either color you choose. Any dresses incorporating BOTH colors out there that you like?

The Pink Tutu said...

I like the idea of white for the rehearsal night, maybe with some fun accessories? The pink is great too.

Tuquyen said...

You really could go either way! I wore a champagne cocktail dress for my rehearsal. You could go with the bridal white with pink accessories as others suggested, then wear the white dress again in spring/summer. Or the pink would also be super-cute and you could definitely wear it again, too.

Happiness Is... said...

I wore white because I could! :)

When else can you wear white at night at any time of year?

I wore a dress that had a tailored jacket that went over it (the jacket really WAS the outfit if that makes sense) - it was very Jackie O, basically a Jacket dress. It had a wide collar and a simple flower at my midsection where it closed. I could show you a picture if you care!

I say go white - you're the bride!