Thursday, July 9, 2009

i. am. SPOILED.

i will be the first to admit....when it comes to holidays, like birthdays and christmas....i am a VERY lucky girl. both the boy and i kinda love going all out, finding the PERFECT present(s) and making the other person beam.

let's just say i'm shining big time today!!

and while i'm sure this comes off as bragging....i really wanna brag on the amazing man in my life who treats me like a princess =)

what's better than cupcakes? square ones!!
and triangles are better than squares!!

and to make all my fun shaped goodies...of course i need a little guidance from martha. i may have actually gained weight from looking at the book.
yummmmm......smells. so. good. this might end up being my wedding day perfume....the bottle is GORGEOUS, and it smells girly and amazing.
i have been looking for coin pearls FOR. EVER. i love pearls....LOVE them. all of them. i have 2 strands of white, one from dad, one from the boy....and a grey strand, and a black strand. and i love these because i think they can be more casual than round ones....i can throw these on with a super cute chadwicks tank dress and flip flops and be done!

and just when i thought it couldn't get better.....i get the box. the blue one. the one EVERY girl knows about....but apparently, the boy did NOT know about, because he put a piece of paper over the tiffany's logo "so i wouldn't know where it was from". silly boy....any female worth her weight in jewelry knows that color....and it's my first one, i ADORE it.

O.M.G. i am so obsessed, and so in love with this necklace......seriously. i want to put it on right now and sleep in it. but that's a little weird, right? its so pretty....soooo prettttyyyyyyy.

i also may have snuggled the box a little.

only a little.

okay, twice.

back to the deal-blogging soon, promise!!


Jules said...

Oh my goodness, you did get spoiled ;) I love all of your gifts. That pearl necklace is so pretty and different. I also love the smell of that perfume. I am so glad that you had a nice birthday!

Happiness Is... said...

I love that pearl necklace!

Kate said...

LOVE the last necklace. So pretty!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

That necklace is GORGEOUS! He did good, but its hilarious that he thought covering up the name would throw you off! Silly N!

Logan said... i love that monogrammed necklace! such a great boy you have! hope your birthday was AMAZING!

Mrs. M said...

I am having a giveaway right now for that cupcake book!

ams said...

Oh he did good!!!

I LOVE the necklace, I was looking at the 'A' one myself! :)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Happy late birthday!! Sounds like you had a great time!!

preppyinnewengland said...

Beautiful pearl necklace! The Tiffany necklace is beautiful.

Taryn said...

Happy Birthday! The coin pearls are AMAZING. Yay for getting spoiled...every girl deserves to be every once in a while. :)