Monday, February 18, 2013

it starts with tunes, and ends with tears

unless you've been living under a rock lately, or you just don't listen to top 40 radio, you've probably heard my current favorite jam.  it's about rocking grandpa clothes.

oh yes, i CANNOT get enough of the song "thrift shop" by mackelmore and ryan lewis.

but this isn't about that song.

this is about SO much more.

because this weekend, as i'm jamming to that song for the millionth time...i decide to listen to a few more tracks from the album.  see how i dig it.

and then, i hear this song. and i am haunted by its words, its message, its everything.

i'll warn you...there's some choice language, so don't blast it at work or anything. but listen, PLEASE listen.

because this song? this song brought me to tears.  it gives me a lump in my throat every single time.

because you know what? ALL LOVE IS THE SAME.

it didn't matter 60 years ago that 2 people had different colored skin, and it doesn't matter now that 2 people share the same parts.  you love who you love.  it's not a choice, it's not an abomination, it's not anything but beautiful, the way all love stories are.

and as i sit here, marveling at the technology in front of me and the innovations that happen every single day on this astounds me why anyone would want to fight love so hard. the simplest and most complex of things.  something almost all of us strive to find, strive to keep.  it's so very unfair some have to strive so much harder.

it's all the same.  and should be treated as such.

i think honest abe would agree with me, and today IS his day after all =)


holli said...

Great post! I host a blog hop on Tuesdays called Tunes on Tuesdays. 2 weeks ago i posted the Thrift Shop song because its one of my favorites. I really love learning new songs and so grateful for your post! Love is Love no matter what. I believe that. I may have to mention this one day on mine.

Claire Kiefer said...

My browser is outdated & I need to take it to the Apple store, and in the meantime I can't access videos/Youtube stuff/etc. on Chrome. BUT I will google this song cause you have great taste & it sounds like the message is IMPORTANT! One day we'll look back and wonder, why the hell did it take us so long to legalize marriage equality? Ugh.

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