Wednesday, November 28, 2012

green is the new vandross

no, i haven't put my christmas tree up yet (i REALLY want to, but we have to find a place for it now that we have a real-people dining room table. plus, i'm not doing that biznass solo).

no, i haven't put ANY other christmas decorations up yet either (minus the lights in the front yard...which apparently, according to the hubs, is "just the beginning"...lord help us).

no, i haven't even put the tiniest little dent in my monumental shopping list (but i have bought myself several pretties in the last week).

YES, i do in fact have a new favorite christmas CD (yep, i'm a total christmas music shame in this game folks).

this shit is magical.

it's like luther vandross' funky-cool cousin made a bomb-ass holiday track.  with the best album art ever.



Claire Kiefer said...

OOOOOH I need that! Cee Lo is hilarious and I have been on the hunt for new Christmas music. My sister IMed me some albums yesterday (so cool how you can do that), but I think I need to add Cee Lo to the holiday mix . . .

Lauren E said...

NO SHAME. I love Christmas music too and I'm also tired of hearing the same songs over and over (and over) on the radio. Maybe I should give this a try.