Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a historic day...for my fridge.

yesterday, i had the great privilege to head to the polls (just like my great-great-great something Susan B. Anthony...holla for women's suffrage!!) and do my civic duty.

yes, i'm talking about voting.

but this ain't about the President y'all.

this is about something MUCH more important.

namely, that FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY in my little corner of the peach state, i will soon be able to join my brothers and sisters in booze and BUY ALCOHOL ON SUNDAY!!!!

oh yes...i currently live in a state with blue laws. a state that JUST, as in within the last 12 months, started repealing some of those laws and letting cities and counties vote on whether they want to sell alcohol on Sundays.

cuz you's 2012. and i'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't care if i get my pinot grigio on for the sabbath. i mean...he DID turn water into wine here people.

do you have ANY idea how annoying it is to have an impromptu get-together and not be able to grab some wine for it? or not be able to get beer for a football game on sunday??

legit...i might have been just as excited to vote for booze as i was to vote for the prez.

maybe a little more =)


Claire Kiefer said...

Yay for booze and yay for the prez!

Sarah Wyland said...

Yay! We have some weird alcohol laws too. There's been talk of allowing grocery stores to sell wine. Do you even KNOW how much easier my life would be? Seeing as the liquor stores are closed on Sunday and all.