Wednesday, December 14, 2011

how does "ridiculous" sound as a middle name?

sometimes when life throws you a WHOLE lot of grownup stuff in a short go a little wacky. you spend most of your time either reading a book....or sitting on the couch with a friend, downing bottles of wine and just bitching about everything.

so that's where i've been lately...but i've also noticed several random things i can't get out of my head.

#1. these pajamas.
so what if they're for dudes?? so what if they're covered in robots and probably have a wang-hole in the front, which i have no use for. I WANT THEM, AND I WANT THEM NOW. or for christmas. but soon.

#2. hi, my name is hayley, and now, in the 12th month of 2011, after seeing a bazillion bloggers and a bazillions pins...i believe i have finally mastered the "sweater over a button-down" look. too bad i only have 3 button-downs....and BADLY need to do laundry.

#3. how long would you get it will take a 29 year old man to stop giggling like a child every time i talk about our dutch oven? CUZ IT AIN'T STOPPED YET. boys and their fart jokes....apparently it never gets old.

#4. i get irrationally annoyed every time i see a "cake pop maker" sold at the store.
THIS JUST COOKS BALLS OF CAKE. which are not the same as cake pops. they have no moist delicious mixed with frosting insides. they are just BALLS. OF. CAKE. if i wanted a cake pop and got a ball of cake...i'd be PISSED.

anyone else on the random train lately? or is it just me and my robot-pj-wearing, anti-ball-of-cake self?


Kathryn said...

Yes! I agree. That cake ball/pop maker is totally not the same. The frosting inside i! the best part 7

bananas. said...

#1 those pajamas are ridiculous...and that's why you need them!

#3 you mean boys, mayra and their fart jokes cuz it never gets old for me either!

#4 i don't get cake pops...they should be called raw cake dough. bleh!

anna said...

those pajams are awesome. i've had my eye on some men's paul frank jams for about 2 weeks now. i think i'll have to grab them.

sadly, i've never had a cake pop... that i know of. would i absolutely know if i've had one?

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