Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Buy, or Not to Buy

oh pink shoes....how i love you. and your price tag, of less than $80, from $225. but where will i wear you?? you are a bit too high for the wedding....but you are much cheaper than the other pink shoes i want for the big day.

i'd love to wear you for b-pics...but then what? where would we continue our relationship, outside of my closet room, where i'd surely prance around with you.

could we go to any other events together?? or does it even matter.....



Erica said...

My dearest Hayley,
How can you deny our love? We are meant to be together! Our relationship might not be practical, but you can't pick who you fall in love with. I promise if you buy me, our life will be filled with many fun nights out on the town, and I will make you the happiest shoe girl in the world.

The cute pink shoes

missgeorgiapeach said...

Hayley you are too funny and cute.

I say get them! But that is just my love for shopping and spending money self speaking.