Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Things First

i guess i ought to start this thing off by introducing myself. i'm a southern girl who loves to shop, loves to spend, and LOVES to find a good deal. me and full-priced items aren't very acquainted. i'm a total shoe fiend, and my closet is slowly taking over my life.

i'm also in the midst of finding the most important accessories of my life....what to wear with my wedding dress.

so the plan is....this will hopefully be a way for me to talk about the bargains i find, help you find some good deals for yourself (fear not, i don't just find clothing deals....i'm all about free stuff, and good bargains for the home too!), and probably talk about shoes. a lot. and food. and books. and movies. and everything else i love.


Laure said...

So exciting! It's going to rock to have all of Hayley's tips in ONE place!!! :-)

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Awesome! Cant wait to browse your bargains!