Friday, January 30, 2009


sounds like gibberish.....but in reality, it's an awesome shopping site!

every few days, ruelala opens up boutiques with designer clothes or accessories or even makeup for much cheaper than what you'd pay at the store. the boutiques are only open for 3 days, and things go fast!!

for example, today i bought 2 stila kits, valued at $110....for $64 with shipping. you gotta act fast, because stuff sells out...but you can set reminders for boutiques you're interested in so ruelala will email you a few hours before =)

it's invite only, so if it sounds like something you'd be into, let me know, i'll send you an email!!

there are also a few other sites i'm a member of, HauteLook and Gilt Group....same idea, designer stuff, much cheaper prices. i'll send you an invite to these too if you're interested.

happy shopping =)

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