Thursday, May 2, 2013

being good doesn't come easy

so today's writing assignment is to educate you on something i'm good at. which is MUCH harder than i thought it would be.

cuz i'm awesome at a lot of things...but none are easily explainable.

like i am the BOMB at jeopardy. for serious, i rock it out. my family won't watch with me because they claim i make them feel stupid.  apparently, the hubs used to think the show was rigged because there is "NO way anyone knows all of those answers"...and then he married me.

but i don't know WHY OR HOW i know all the biznass that fills my brain.

i'm also really good at being a smartass, but you TOTALLY don't need any explanation for that =)

i'm good at copying jewelry i see online for way cheaper, cuz i'm a crafter at heart...AND i hate paying full price for things.

i'm also good at knowing when to stop while i'm ahead...don't wanna waste all my ammo, i've got a month of awesome writing to work on ;)

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