Friday, May 3, 2013

out of my comfort zone, into the air

what does it say about me when it's MUCH easier for me to figure out what makes me uncomfortable than what i'm good at??

oh blog every day in're already working my brain muscles and we're only on day 3.

one thing i have learned about myself over the years is that i am VERY much a creature of habit. i like things a certain way (usually MY way, as evidenced by my tendency toward control freak)...and i'm just fine with that. 

BUT i also know i need to shake it up every now and again, or risk becoming the most dreaded of things....BORING.

so, back in february, one of my bestest of best friends was visiting another best-of-besties in FL, all the way from the left coast.  said trip was planned when the hubs' job sitch was still sorta...fluid, i guess, so i just wasn't sure about dropping the dough to go.

it was cool with the ladies, they totally understood, and we planned a skype date for their weekend visit so we could share a few glasses of wine via the world wide web.

well friday night comes and jet lag sets in and i get a text asking if we can postpone our date to saturday....and of course, i say that's fine. it's what bestest of best friends do.

and then....i get another text.

saying that if i want, there will be a plane ticket for me saturday morning to fly down and spend the next 2 days with my girls (and an adorable "nephew" who's just DYING for some snuggles).


because me and last-minute, literally fly by the seat of my pants plans?? NOT. SO. GREAT.

i start wigging out, because i hadn't PLANNED on going and it was like my brain started short-circuiting or would i get to the airport? what about packing? what about my plans to watch the oscars with another friend?

and then i had to wise up, and give myself a little pep talk.

because you know what's monumentally stupid? NOT doing something just because you hadn't planned on it. 

so i texted back "let's do this".
and i wouldn't trade one SINGLE second of that trip.  it was amazing, and it honestly still makes me tear up a little inside that i have such amazing friends who are willing to put up with my crazy self and know that sometimes i need a push to get out of my comfort zone.


Claire Kiefer said...

What incredibly sweet friends to get you a ticket! So thoughtful. I am generally pretty okay with spontaneity, so this would have been right up my alley. Girl trips are the best!

Alice Annable said...

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