Monday, October 22, 2012

how many chains is too many chains?

i'll be the first to tell you, i LOVE jewelry.

love it. hoard it. make it. wear it all the time. basically feel naked without it.

so, shoplately is pretty much my favorite thing. i've written about them before, but basically it's a site with a bazillion and one pieces of gorgeousness, AND they have stuff that's on sale even more every day.
shoplately order

shoplately order by hfdukes on Polyvore

all of this stuff? cost me a whopping $21. because right now they've got  a promo going on....spend $30, and get $10 off with the code SLBDAY. it's good through thursday, so go get your shop on! that chunky gold chain is only $7.50, and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna wear it with everything once it gets a really fancy, girly mr. T. 

 this bracelet is from a previous order from shoplatey, and i'm pretty much obsessed with it. 

PLUS, if you sign up for shoplately, i'll get a little cash to spend there, and then you can get all your frtiends to do the same, and then we can all go on a giant 4 hour episode of intervention where we end up swimming through a room of necklaces and bracelets like scrooge mcduck while my bro jeff van vonderen just shakes his head at us.  

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Claire Kiefer said...

Okay, I think I have to sign up when I get paid on Thursday. But not before then! My checking account has seen better days.

Love these chains and the answer to your question is there's no such thing as too many chains!

My question: do they tarnish quickly? That is always my struggle with gold/silver/bronze stuff. Well, fake gold/silver/bronze stuff, ha.