Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i'll admit....i might have a problem

i'll admit....once i find something i really like....i tend to go overboard with it. i have 4 old navy tees in different colors, with plans to buy more. i have the same target sweater in about 9 colors, and various necklines. and don't even get my started on my OPI's sick.

clearly, i have an obsessive personality.

that being said, i'm also stuck on things i like. A LOT.

enter everyday minerals.

(not my samples, by the way)

so, the lovely Jen turned me on to this mineral makeup. you can get a 5 piece sample kit, with 3 foundation colors you get to choose, a concealer, and a blush....FOR FREE.

that's right lovely readers, FREE.

i got 3 shimmery sample sized eyeshadows too....and with shipping, my total was $10. the samples are small, about the size of a quarter, but there is PLENTY of makeup in them, and i LOOOOOVE the eyeshadow!! love it...the shimmer is GORGEOUS. i am a shimmer mineral shadow fiend, no makes a smoky look better, and faster, than almost anything.

that being said....i'm contemplating another purchase, a kit with 4 shadows, a blush and a brush is only $10.

let me know if you try it, love it, or have a color recommendation.


Ellie said...

I tagged you for an award on my blog - check my latest post! :-)

Jen Woodhouse said...

ooh yay! you're on the everyday minerals bandwagon now too! woop woop!