Monday, April 20, 2009

How To Save Money....

by making things yourself!

i am, by all intents and purposes, girl who loves a good deal. obvs, right? anyway, being that i love to save money....i also love to try and make things myself. when i can at least. i don't know knitting my own sweaters, or cobbling my own shoes....but sometimes, just sometimes....i make something work.

check out my handiwork from yesterday!

so, i was browsing on etsy and found these super hot feather headbands....for about $25 dollars. not bad, but also a splurge for a headband. so i decided to try it myself. i bought the feather pads for less than $5, and then got the headbands for .97 at walmart. the glue cost be about $5, but hello, i have a bazillion times more than i need for this project.

hello my pretties!! aren't they awesome?! i didn't model them on my head....because the glue wasn't dry. and i love them....but not enough to make them permanent fixtures on my noggin.

then, i found instructions a few weeks ago on Style Me Pretty for DIY coasters (the link takes you straight to the instructions). i thought, "hey, i can do that".

oh man can i! this is seriously my new fave thing.

holla!! aren't they so super freaking cute?! the giraffe ones are for my little sis, the black and white are for me.
cost breakdown::
sheet of scrapbook paper = .29
mod podge = $6
sponge brushes = .97
tiles = FREE, because the previous owners of our house left them....but you can get a box of 80 for $13 from home depot.
paper cutter i will use for LOTS of other things = $20.
so, we're talking less than $1 per set, not counting the supplies i'll use for more stuff. small paper makes 4 squares, i have some 12x12 paper still to cut.
so the lesson is, make it, don't buy it if you can!!


Tina said...

I love the head bands they are so cute.

Ellie said...

Very cool stuff, lady!

CTB said...

This is great. Thanks for the tips! I found your blog through Mrs. Southern Belle and think it is just wonderful!