Thursday, March 12, 2009

::sigh:: i love pink

i love the color pink. A LOT. i have pink, nail polish, numerous lipsticks and glosses, clothes of course, ipod, ipod case, phone case....several of these currently live in my pink purse, with my pink wallet too.

but said pink wallet is getting a little stuffed to the gills, and hard to close.

enter the lauren., courtesy of hobo international.

my little sister got one of these fab babies first, and my mom fell so in love dad got her one for christmas. clearly....we E women know our accessories. and thus started my love affair. i wanted one too!! it holds cards, and papers, or you can use it as a clutch and put a phone and some gloss in and carry it out on the town.

i had to have it.

but at $120 retail, with my current wedding-payment state...i felt kinda bad about spending that much. on a wallet. which i get, is insane, since i use a wallet every day, and spend more than that on shoes. but still.

anyhoo, this gorgeous pink contraption will be headed my soon, for the low low price of......


$78. that's right....about $40 off.....bless you ebay. for your cheaper prices, and your 10% off coupon you sent me that saved me another $10.

i cannot wait for this to get here!!!

1 comment:

Missy said...

Love it! I have one in cream...they're awesome!