Monday, October 31, 2011

what happens when husbands are given internet access

i am aware i'm lucky that i married a handy man. not by profession....but he is a man who is handy. living 1/4 of a mile from home depot doesn't hurt things either.
so last week when we were discussing having peeps over saturday for football...i  thought busting out the fire pit would be fun. apparently....our  2 year old DIY firepit that took us 15 minutes to make, and consisted of a hole and a circle of bricks was NOT cutting it anymore.

and so...he gets online and finds directions for making a sweet new one.

first we had to dig a hole.

then we had to put down sand, then pavers and more sand.

then we built the walls the next day with cement blocks. for $75 and 3 hours...not too shabby right??

plus, now the dogs can hang out outside with us when we roast marshmallows, because they can't get in the fire. and trust me when i say....bojangles ALWAYS tries to get in the fire.

anyone else have a boy in their life who gets crazy ideas and has to do them IMMEDIATELY??

also, congrats amy, leah and jessica...i'll be emailing you your shutterfly codes shortly!!


bananas. said...

oh dave is the same way.

in fact, sometimes i can be too. hmm...

anyway, love the firepit!

Nikki said...

This is amazing! Love it!

Jules said...

That looks great and he did an awesome job on it! I'd love to sit out there on chilly fall nights roasting marshmallows :)

busanalayali said...

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Unknown said...

Has this held up? Did he use anything to hold the wall together?

Unknown said...

I would of Kept My grass I dug out to Cover up the Concrete on the sides. Js

J said...

I have a friend that made a fire pit out of cinder blocks and after a while all the blocks started cracking and shattering because of the extreme heat.