Friday, March 30, 2012

i really hate sweating.

this is the face of a girl who just finished day two of her new workout plan.

this is the face of a girl whose current workout plan involves one around on the gym's 8 circuit training machines....and then 30 minutes on a treadmill (i have also decided to pick one person every day at the gym that makes me feel better about my quasi-lameness. was a fat kid on an eliptical. tied with an old man in a weight belt.)

for the record....i still hate working out. i think that whole workout high thing is a load of crock. i also would have been perfectly fine with the 10 lbs i dropped when i went from sitting on my couch, to standing around a wing joint 3 days a week.

but alas, the hubs decided it's time for him to work on his fitness...and i'll be damned if i let that boy get all fergilicious without me.

i fully intend to get some obnoxiously bright workout clothes to counteract how much i loathe actually working out. cuz...that makes total sense right? at the very least...i'll get some sweet new sneaks out of the whole shenanigans.

i also fully intend to put together the most obnoxious rap mix EVER to listen to while i'm getting my eventually-run-but-right-now-it's-just-fast-walking on. and it will be awesome right up until the point that i forget i'm in public and accidentally sing all the words to luda's "move bitch". CUZ I KNOW THEM YO.

so...i need to know what's on your perfect kickass playlist...cuz without some sweet tunes, i might lose my mind.

Monday, March 26, 2012

i still can't form words about the girl on fire

after months and months of waiting...i can FINALLY say i've seen the wonder that is The Hunger Games.

for the first time at least.....cuz no freaking way can i NOT see this flick again.

oh you know....just rocking our DIY mockingjay shirts at the theater. at 7:00 pm on a sunday. CUZ WE ARE AWESOME, OBVIOUSLY.

yep....this was us pretty much the whole time before the movie started. AND during it. and after.

now for my official thoughts....


i was totally tempted to end my official thoughts there....cuz it basically sums it up. but i'll elaborate for all you fellow fans....and for those of you who are so sick of the HG hype you could fight someone to the death....come to the dark side. it's WAY fun here.

it was so close to the books in actuality, and spot-on in spirit....i love love loved it. i totally got why they changed the details they did, because explaining them could have been challenging. and there were additions from the books that i thought were awesome (gamemakers in the fancy pants room with the computers?? AWESOME.).

i cried when i thought i would. i cringed when i thought i would. i jumped out of my skin once when i was NOT expecting it....but it was awesome.

casting? AMAZING. i couldn't have picked better people now that i've seen it. i also have a full-on, full-blown lady crush on jennifer lawrence. LOVE. HER. FACE.

it was totally worth waiting for. and it did NOT disappoint. and the hubs and i have already planned to see it at least once more....and probably again when it gets to the discount theater. and we'll be buying it on blu-ray when it comes out.

oh yeah....we may or may not have moved the gale cutout out of our picture.


Friday, March 23, 2012

you ever have those nights when you get bored on the internet so you go trolling around your favorite flash sale sites to see what they've got offered up?

no? just me? okay then....stick with me, eh?

last night's little foray into web shopping means these beauties will be on there way to me soon (not soon enough, cuz hautelook can take AGES to ship....but the deals are too good to pass up)

that necklace, plus my military vest from old navy and some black wedges? SICK.

and the druzy earrings will definitely be a go-to for me when i need something simple without resorting to my studs.

the best part? with my credits....these bad boys cost a whopping $25.

oh yeah, and i saved $110 off retail...HOLLLLAAAAA.

if you've never checked out hautelook, you totally should. you can even earn credits when your friends buy stuff, so you can get mad deals like this one ;)

and i promise, i haven't forgotten about my little teaser the other day....but the project is still in the completion stages. aka, the half-awesome-half-tornado-stricken stage.

BUT how about onnnnneeeee more little preview??

Monday, March 19, 2012

in exactly one week...i will sitting in a dark theater, with a ginormous bucket of popcorn, and a gallon of coke zero to share with the hubs cuz that's how we roll. i'll be rocking my super sweet glittery shirt. and i will finally, FINALLY be witnessing the awesomeness that is The Hunger Games.

and yes, i'm aware it comes out midnight on friday....but i have a hubs who works. and would MURDER me for seeing it without him. i also have a bestie who has to work friday night, and a wedding to attend saturday night, and therefore a perfect storm of reasons why my date with ms. everdeen is a bit delayed.

now of course....the hubs knows how obsessed i am. he's the one who has to hear my squeal every time the trailer comes on the tv. but somehow...when he told me a few weeks ago he'd ordered me a present, i didn't ever think "hmm...perhaps it's hunger games related." last time i got a surprise was an electric blanket for the car.

so, imagine my surprise when this is what he puts in my eager little hands.

oh that's right fellow HG's a mockingjay pin. but not just ANY mockingjay pin.

this bad boy is 24k gold plated. and limited edition. and was ONLY given out at comic con last summer. NOT available for purchase there....just given out to lucky individuals who waited in line. it's also made by the movie it looks legit. not a shitty copy off the ebay via hong kong. or hot topic. which is even more tragic.

mine? she's #180. and i LOOOOOOOOVE her.

she will probably get worn to the movie, and then returned home to her plastic bag and her cardboard setting. she also MIGHT eventually live in a shadow box with a picture of the hubs and i in our matching shirts...cuz i'm a full-on nerd.


tomorrow's installment of "i'm a total spoiled brat thanks to my husband" will feature this little project from sunday afternoon =)

Monday, March 12, 2012

are YOU on fire?

i'll be the first to admit...i didn't get the harry potter hype. i never even read the books until all of the movies were already out. and they WERE awesome...but i wasn't like "ommggggggg, i cannot believe i wasted my life not seeing every movie the second it came out".

i've actually never really cared that much about movie adaptions of books to the point of freaking out.

UNTIL NOW. because in less than two weeks, i have a much-anticipated date with my lady love, one katniss everdeen.


k, that was just my internal monologue sneaking out. it does that anytime a trailer comes on the tv.

and such as this is quite the important event...i HAVE to be properly attired.

enter one of my besties who is equally obsessed...and pinterest. cuz pinterest brought me this glorious tutorial with an awesome template to make a shirt.

so saturday...make we did.
trying out the tried and true freezer paper method. after going to two stores for said freezer paper...and spending at least 40 minutes getting hand cramps and going cross-eyed trying to get this bad boy cut out with an exacto knife (and for the record, i bought a new one. she's pink. and the hubs can't have her)
in progress. thanks for the glitter and metallic paint martha. you know i appreciate it.
THERE IS IT IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!!!! omggggg, i am so pumped. it looks even more awesome in person than on the screen. cuz it's all gold and orange and red and brown and bronze glittery. we literally said "omgggg it's soooooo awesome" like 57 times in the process of making these shirts.
oh yeah...and we might have split a bottle of wine after we got free bruster's ice cream in our pjs. as a celebration =)

anyone else ever crafted a little movie premier ensemble??

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

when the cat's away....the mice get really bored, really quickly.

and by mice....i of course mean me, and the dogs. cuz the hubs is off getting his sin city on for work, cuz he's all fancy and important and gets to go to conferences. but APPARENTLY not fancy enough to get the company to pay for the wifey to come along.

and so since my wing-slinging is only part-time...i spent yesterday just hanging at the house, and catching up on tv.

oh yeah, and making myself MORE jewelry. cuz i'm a freak.

both these earrings come down at least past my chin....the balls come to my shoulders.

the chains were super easy, just different lengths and then tied with a knot. and the rhinestone balls have been taunting me for months, after they were removed from some braided chain bracelets i bought for SUPER cheap at jcpenney. these balls were not okay with those. but they are awesome for my head. many times can a person write balls in one post??

and, my most favorite new thing that i can't wait to throw obnoxiously large pyrite necklace.

yes, pyrite as in fool's gold.

it's hard to capture in a photo, but the stone really sparkles, while the wire wrapping makes it a little more casual for everyday wear. plus, my inner 7-year-old-rock-collecting self LOOOOOOVES it.

i'll be on my own until who knows what else i'll whip up by then!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

leave it be...or introduce it to my bestie named krylon

you know how sometimes you buy something, partly because you like it the way it is....but mostly, because you KNOW you could make it even more awesome?

yep...that's what happened with these earrings. i dig how long they are...i dig the gold and white, i dig the mixed chains.

BUT i can't stop thinking about whether i would like them even more if i painted the white chains a different color. like mint green. orrrrrrrrr neon pink. yes, more neon. no, i can't help myself.

so what would you do with them? paint them (or, if need be...sharpie them. because i have every sharpie color ever...or at least close), or leave them as they are?

oh yeah, and i'm not worried about really messing them up....cuz they cost me three bucks.