Wednesday, July 29, 2009

another outfit issue

so, according to my ever-present igoogle countdown....i have 80 days until the wedding. which means 79 days from tonight...i'll be done with my rehearsal, and hanging out with my friends and family at my rehearsal dinner.

except i have NO CLUE what i'm gonna wear!!

i can't decide between two options.
#1....a bright pink/magenta dress (not necessarily this one, but it's an option). this logically makes the most sense, i can wear it again for a friend's wedding functions next year. and it's me. and it's pink. and you know i love pink.

#2. the short white dress (again, not necessarily this one). it's my rehearsal...and wedding weekend is the one time i can totally get away with rocking white 2 days in a row, in october. it feels so bridal...and seeing as how we'll have been engaged 19 months by the time we get married....i'm digging the bridal idea too.

what did you wear? what would you do? white? pink? neither?

decisions are hard.

so what do you

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SoBe Bachelorette Outfit

i'm headed to miami at the end of august with 2 of my BFF's...and i need a hot outfit, that is sorta that south beach vibe....without breaking the bank.

how about this little number? it's currently all of $24 dollars from new york and company...but it's web only, so i'd have to just order it.

cute though, right?

it also comes in a gorgeous berry color, and pool blue...but not in my size.

Monday, July 27, 2009

we interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging...

....for me to brag about my honeymoon!

super early sunday, october 18th, we'll be headed to the airport to hop the first of 3 flights that will take us here, to santorini, greece, for 6 glorious days.
i. am. SO. excited.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

bragging about my amazing friends

so, i come home from work yesterday, and i find a package waiting for me....but what could it be??

oh, it's a birthday gift from my awesome friend Mrs. Southern Belle!!

she got me this super cute black monogram decal, with my married monogram on it! she got one too, and put hers on the UGA tumbler i sent her for her birthday...and i thougth it was an awesome idea!
mine will be going on the big-T pink tervis....isn't it fun?! i'm so excited to get it so i can try it out.

as if that wasn't awesome enough....she also sent me this glorious piece of SEC art!

she did this herself!!! she's so crazy talented, i'm so lucky to have her as my friend =) and if you want a piece of her work, you HAVE to do to her etsy shop, Lola Lu Designs. she has AMAZING photography prints, and name frames, which i also have, and will be using for my guestbook table at the wedding...
so a big THANKS to my big balls buddy....we love Wipeout!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SUCH a cute gift!

one of the reasons i love blogging is being exposed to so many super talented people!! and one of my favorite shops i found since i started blogging is lauren nicole gifts...and check out her newest thing! they're monogrammed bottle openers!

i would totally get this with black thread, for my beloved bulldogs.
the aqua and red is SO fun, so modern and funky.

and i always love anything with black and'd be cute with pink, or red, or lime green!
and the best part of these?? they're on sale, from an already AMAZING price of $6!
GO HERE and when you check out, enter the code "wacky" for 30% off these awesome items. i'm already plotting getting some for BM gifts, or maybe "just because" presents for my friends!

Monday, July 20, 2009

swimming in style

yes, i know i just bought 2 swimsuits a few weeks ago.....but this is a deal even I can hardly pass up....

how'd you like a VS swimsuit for $20. that's right.....$10 for the top, $10 for the bottom.
yes, i know i got a salmon-y pink polka dot one already....but this hot pink?? i. love. it.

and who doesn't love a good basic black suit? never goes out of style!!
so here's the deal......go HERE and check out allllllll the options...there are tons!
then when you check out, use the offer code 10BEACH. it only lasts until midnight tonight, so get shopping!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

having a carrying crisis

i think this has happened to EVERY girl at least once....the dreaded lip gloss opening. IN YOUR PURSE. suddenly...everything is greasy, and while cleaning off the contents of my purse is a pain, but easy....getting the gunk OUT of the purse is not.

yeah, it sucks....but i'm also currently carrying a magenta snake-embossed tote by unlimited that my mom bought me in december. for not that much. so buying a new one isn't killing me....

except i HATE black and brown purses. well, not hate....but i feel like i have one of them....i need both so i can switch. so they match my ensemble. but if i rock a fun color....the purse is a separate accessory. i had green....then yellow. now pink.

so i've been browsing Endless by the way...and this is what i've found so far.

i love the grey color of different, and the hardware is pretty....but the last time i got hardware, i got a gorgeous, but HEAVY purse!!
oh hello pretty you are. but you are also kind of tall....and i'm not sure about that. but the size is great for all my crap....and you come in pretty grey and green if i change my mind about the blue...
and this woven....::sigh:: adore. but is it too.....something? it also comes in a light yellow...

so what do you think?? what do you like the best? all? none? any good ideas where a girl can find a good purse for less than $150?

Friday, July 17, 2009

free gloss!

or balm, or whatever! you know i love these....
CLICK HERE to print yours =)

i want to give you a little boost!

so, i get a coupon in my inbox for $10 off $75 from nine west....and if you spend $50 or more, you get free shipping.

i'm gonna be good and not use it, since my wedding shoes are costing me a pretty if you want to do some shoe shopping, and you PROMISE you'll use it and then show off your awesome new heels (or flats), just comment!

first one gets it =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

does this match?

so this hear is the china we picked for our registry.....waterford ballet encore.

loves. it.
my question is.....does this serving set kinda go?

cuz i got an email from One King's Lane (like ruelala for your house!) and i have a $20 to credit to spend by the end of the month.

and we have no serving set for our wedding cake yet.

and this ricci set is normally $85, and on OKL it's $39. but only until thursday.....

i don't want to spend money on something i can borrow from a friend....unless i really like it. and i really like this. it's fun enough to use for a plain old birthday cake....but fancy enough if i decide to ever sharpen my cake decorating skills (which currently rest at icing. nothing fancy). but will it match? does it even MATTER if it matches??

am i having a bridal brain meltdown??

Monday, July 13, 2009

SUPER cheap magazine!

so, apparently amazon has a one-year subscription to real simple....for FIVE DOLLARS.

i've never even read this magazine, but for five bucks i'm totally getting it!!!

want yours?


mmm, fashion them. get too many....still want more.
CLICK HERE for marie claire....$10 people! for TWO years!! that's less than 50 cents an issue.

yeah...i'm a mag whore and want this too.
yummy recipes. and less than $2 each, at $15 for a year.....

CLICK HERE for this one!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

and the winner is.....


Amy from The Unhousewife Life!!!

amy, email me and let me know what you choose =)

congrats amy, and if you didn't win.....i'll be hosting another giveaway soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

i. am. SPOILED.

i will be the first to admit....when it comes to holidays, like birthdays and christmas....i am a VERY lucky girl. both the boy and i kinda love going all out, finding the PERFECT present(s) and making the other person beam.

let's just say i'm shining big time today!!

and while i'm sure this comes off as bragging....i really wanna brag on the amazing man in my life who treats me like a princess =)

what's better than cupcakes? square ones!!
and triangles are better than squares!!

and to make all my fun shaped goodies...of course i need a little guidance from martha. i may have actually gained weight from looking at the book.
yummmmm......smells. so. good. this might end up being my wedding day perfume....the bottle is GORGEOUS, and it smells girly and amazing.
i have been looking for coin pearls FOR. EVER. i love pearls....LOVE them. all of them. i have 2 strands of white, one from dad, one from the boy....and a grey strand, and a black strand. and i love these because i think they can be more casual than round ones....i can throw these on with a super cute chadwicks tank dress and flip flops and be done!

and just when i thought it couldn't get better.....i get the box. the blue one. the one EVERY girl knows about....but apparently, the boy did NOT know about, because he put a piece of paper over the tiffany's logo "so i wouldn't know where it was from". silly boy....any female worth her weight in jewelry knows that color....and it's my first one, i ADORE it.

O.M.G. i am so obsessed, and so in love with this necklace......seriously. i want to put it on right now and sleep in it. but that's a little weird, right? its so pretty....soooo prettttyyyyyyy.

i also may have snuggled the box a little.

only a little.

okay, twice.

back to the deal-blogging soon, promise!!

a day of numbers

that's right kids, i'm the big 2-6 today. CRAZY. i am closer to 30 than 20. WHOA. this is also my last birthday as a single lady, my last birthday with my current name, the last time i'll get birthday presents from my fiance, not my husband.

which brings me to my other number.....

100 DAYS until i get married. ONE. HUNDRED. considering we've been engaged since last march...this blows my mind!! we will be in double digits tomorrow....FINALLY!!
don't forget to enter my giveaway!! i'll pick a winner tonight =)

Monday, July 6, 2009

FINALLY found swimsuits!!

we spent the 4th at our friends' house, they just got a pool put i decided i needed to bite the bullet and order me some new swimwear. between the weekends we'll inevitably end up wasting away there, and the fact that i have 2 months until my south beach bachelorette weekend, it was time for new suits!

but you know me....i can't NOT try and find the best deal!

until midnight tonight, you can get an extra 40% off some VS swimwear with the code 40VSSWIM.

i used it over the weekend, and got these 2 pretties.

i love the polka dots!!! although....i definitely do NOT look like this. this suit also comes in brown spots, and yellow ones, and some's not included in the 40% off, but total it was less than $25.

i got this one with the 40% off....and once again, SO don't look like this chick....
so, 2 suits for $50 ain't half bad!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

getting older....with a giveaway!!

one week from today, i turn 26! that's crazy....but since i kind of ADORE my birthday, i figured i'd spread the love with my very first giveaway!!

so what's up for grabs??

two words loves....


i am SUPER obsessed with tervis....i have a small UGA one, and i have a "big t" one like the monogrammed ones above, but with an H of course, on it's way!!

so now...i want you to have one too =)

and some other goodies these!
yes, those are super fun summer coasters, made by yours truly. the whole set is 6 coasters, 3 of each pattern....but my camera phone wasn't playing nice with the whole shebang.

the winner will get a Big T tervis of their choice (only the ones already made, no personalized or photo tumblers) PLUS the coasters, plus whatever my birthday-happy self decides to include =)

so, how do you win?

1 entry:: go to the Tervis website, and then come back here and leave me a comment with what YOU would choose!

you get another entry for being/becoming a follower, and ANOTHER for blogging about it!

so that's 3 chances to win!

let me know in your comment how many entries you get....i'll choose a winner next thursday, July 9th, aka MY BIRTHDAY!!!

good luck loves =)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

why i'm the best fiancee ever

(his words, not mine!)

so, i have it in my head i want ray-ban wayfarers, and aviators.

so i'm looking on ebay, and the future mister decides he wants to see some too....

well lo and behold, guess who also loves the aves?

and so, we bid on these.....and lose.
then, this morning i get an email from the seller saying they have the same pair, and will sell them to us for our maximum bid....of $45.

i text the boy, ask if he wants them, he responds a resounding YES, and about 5 clicks later, these babies will be headed to our house for the low low price of $49.95.

love. it.

now how come i can't find any for me?!