Friday, January 30, 2009


sounds like gibberish.....but in reality, it's an awesome shopping site!

every few days, ruelala opens up boutiques with designer clothes or accessories or even makeup for much cheaper than what you'd pay at the store. the boutiques are only open for 3 days, and things go fast!!

for example, today i bought 2 stila kits, valued at $110....for $64 with shipping. you gotta act fast, because stuff sells out...but you can set reminders for boutiques you're interested in so ruelala will email you a few hours before =)

it's invite only, so if it sounds like something you'd be into, let me know, i'll send you an email!!

there are also a few other sites i'm a member of, HauteLook and Gilt Group....same idea, designer stuff, much cheaper prices. i'll send you an invite to these too if you're interested.

happy shopping =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

BIG savings!!!

we all know linens-n-things is going out of business.

well, their website has HUGE savings!!!

check it out, i know i am!!

VS Savings

click HERE to print your coupon!

Photobook Savings!

i LOVE taking pictures, and now i've gotten into making photobooks, savings on those bad boys are always good =) and today....i have not 1, but 2!

first off, Shutterfly. make your book by January 31st (that's saturday peeps!) and enter code SHIPMYBOOK in your shopping cart.....and get it shipped to you for free!

if you need a little more time to get things done...try Snapfish. now through Feb. 5th, make a photobook, enter VDAYBOOK09 at checkout...and get 20% off.

happy photobooking =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Buy, or Not to Buy

oh pink i love you. and your price tag, of less than $80, from $225. but where will i wear you?? you are a bit too high for the wedding....but you are much cheaper than the other pink shoes i want for the big day.

i'd love to wear you for b-pics...but then what? where would we continue our relationship, outside of my closet room, where i'd surely prance around with you.

could we go to any other events together?? or does it even matter.....


Save on Shoes!

that's right, an extra 20% off shoes from Victoria's Secret! just put in the promo code 20SHOES when you check out, and get 20% off prices that are already reduced!!

hurry, the coupon expires january 29th!

Monday, January 26, 2009

FREE stuff!

so, in an effort to foster lots of fun and shopping....i'm gonna start posting fun coupons and such i find on places like retailmenot.

today's freebie? VS sweet daydream body scrub with purchase!! just click HERE to print your coupon!

if body scrub isn't your thing, how about just 20% off? i gotcha covered HERE

Anyone Love Crafts?

Michael's 40% Off

being a semi-DIY bride....i am kinda of addicted to craft stores. and it only gets worse the closer we get to the these kinds of savings are great! i bought ALL of my invitation kits with 40% off coupons...for a total of $65 for 120 invites.

if you decide to use this...let me know what you buy!

First Summer Shoe Purchase?

while i LOVE stilletos and super high heels....i totally adore wedges in the summertime. something about them feels so fun and cute, not to mention comfy. they are the perfect hot weather heels =)

so, when i logged onto endless and saw these on the homepage....i had to know how much they'd set me back! the verdict....only $45!!

so, is january too early too get these in my closet? do i wait until it warms up some, and they go on sale?

by the way....if you're looking for the PERFECT pair of shoes for an outfit....let me know! i love a good shoe search =)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

FREE workshop

oh wedding bee, how i love the things you tell me. how i wish i had a paper source closer to me.

if you do, head that way Feb 21st for a FREE wedding workshop! it's a combo of 3 of my favorite things....stationery, weddings, and free stuff!

the details:
ANY paper source location
11:30 am - Announcing the Big Day
12:45 pm - Inspired Invitations
2:00 pm - Tasteful Tabletop D├ęcor
More Info

First Things First

i guess i ought to start this thing off by introducing myself. i'm a southern girl who loves to shop, loves to spend, and LOVES to find a good deal. me and full-priced items aren't very acquainted. i'm a total shoe fiend, and my closet is slowly taking over my life.

i'm also in the midst of finding the most important accessories of my life....what to wear with my wedding dress.

so the plan is....this will hopefully be a way for me to talk about the bargains i find, help you find some good deals for yourself (fear not, i don't just find clothing deals....i'm all about free stuff, and good bargains for the home too!), and probably talk about shoes. a lot. and food. and books. and movies. and everything else i love.